From New York Times bestselling historian Douglas Brinkley comes a sweeping historical narrative and eye-opening look at the pioneering environmental policies of President Theodore Roosevelt, avid bird-watcher, naturalist, and the founding father of America’s conservation movement — now approaching its 100th anniversary.

One of the Best Books of the Year

The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Kansas City Star, The Chicago Tribune, and The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

In this monumental biography, acclaimed historian Douglas Brinkley examines the life and achievements of Theodore Roosevelt, our “naturalist president,” and his tireless crusade for the American wilderness — a legacy now more important than ever.


Harper Collins


July 28th, 2009

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Praise for The Wilderness Warrior:

“Douglas Brinkley brings to this magnificent story of Theodore Roosevelt’s crusade on behalf of America’s national parks the same qualities that made TR so fascinating a figure—an astonishing range of knowledge, a superb narrative skill, a wonderfully vivid writing style and an inexhaustible energy.” — Doris Kearns Goodwin, author of Team of Rivals

A vast, inspiring, and enormously entertaining book.” — New York Times Book Review

“Dramatic and entertaining….A grand book….Compelling and impressively well researched…By far the best and most detailed story of the Roosevelt administration’s fight for conversation.”  — The Boston Globe

“Although Roosevelt’s presidency ended one hundred years ago, Mr. Brinkley finds ways to make his presidential portrait a timely one…The Wilderness Warrior describes a vigorously hands-on president…He conveys the great vigor with which Roosevelt approached his conservation mission.” — The New York Times

“A masterful look at TR as environmental crusader and ultimate outdoorsman…Engrossing, compellingly written…Brinkley’s Roosevelt is P.T. Barnum, Walt Whitman and Captain Ahab all rolled into one.”  — Los Angeles Times

“It is a testament to the unparalleled hugeness of his life that a nearly thousand-page biography of Theodore Roosevelt is still capable of breaking new ground.” — Time

“A stupendous new work… This is biography at its absolute finest: learned and thorough, to be sure, but also lively and surprising and adventurous.” — The Chicago Tribune

“To understand America, you need to appreciate Teddy Roosevelt. Doug Brinkley brilliantly uses the lens of Roosevelt’s love of nature to show why he is so influential, fascinating, and relevant to our own times. This wonderful book is as vibrant as he was.”  — Walter Isaacson, author of Einstein

“No president has been a greater champion of our natural world — especially its wildlife — than Theodore Roosevelt. Now that extraordinary force of nature has his own champion in Douglas Brinkley’s stirring account of the man who turned our attention to conservation and the many glories of our American landscape.” — Ken Burns, co-author of The War

“What an absolutely perfect match between subject and writer. This is a major contribution to our understanding not only of Roosevelt but of the historic movement to save our wilderness.” — Doris Kearns Goodwin, author of Team of Rivals

“Douglas Brinkley has brought us an important, deeply researched, compellingly readable and inspiring story. Exactly a century after his Presidency, there could not be a better time to revisit and celebrate T.R.’s unfinished environmental legacy.” — Michael Beschloss, author of Presidential Courage