The Nixon Tapes: 1973

Book DescriptionBook Sleeve Content The blueprint for Nixon’s downfall, based on tapes released from 2010 to 2013, most of which have never been published When The Nixon Tapes: 1971–1972 was published in August of 2014, it jumped immediately onto the New York Times bestseller list and captivated media attention for its many revelations.  Douglas Brinkley…

The Nixon Tapes: 1971 – 1972

Book DescriptionBook Sleeve Content In August 2013, the final 340 hours of Richard Nixon’s infamous tapes were declassified by the National Archives — out of the 3,000 hours currently approved for release — after years of litigation and processing. Finally we can learn what Nixon said in his most crucial, private conversations—about China, Vietnam, the…

Nixon Kissinger Haig 1972 from Polaris

Vanity Fair: Nixon Unbound

Though Richard Nixon’s reign was cut short by the Watergate scandal, his first term was on many fronts a triumph. In an adaptation from their new book, which draws on 3,700 hours of Nixon’s White House tapes, two historians reveal the 37th president as crisis manager, geopolitical strategist, and duplicitous paranoid. Read Full Article Here